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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Barriatric Scooters and Powerchairs For Those With Weight Issues

Rascal 600 series Convertable Scooters have a weight limit of 450 pounds, which is more than adequate for most of us. However there are some who need a scooter or powerchair with a higher weight limit. For those people we offer a barriatric scooter and powerchair with a 550 pound weight limit.  They are the 655 scooter and the PC710 powerchair.  Let me say right here that I believe Rascal designs and manufactures the best-built mobility products in the world. Stylish and dependable, our scooters have many distinct features that move them ahead of the rest. If I didn't believe it, I wouldn't still be selling them after 12 years.  Also I want to clarify that the 655 scooter is NOT a convertable scooter, it is a one piece frame, and is four wheel only.

Rascal 655

Known for its high performance, this bariatric friendly scooter is equipped to handle any terrain. It has a top speeds of 8 mph with a turtle switch that cuts the top speed in half at your option. Large 12” pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride on level surfaces and higher ground clearance than the 600 series. Dual rear-spring coil suspension comfortably copes with uneven, rugged terrain. Bariatric-friendly capacity to 550 lbs with a uni-body one piece frame for increased strength. An Oxygen tank holder, Cane & crutch holder, walker holder are optional. It comes with an upholstered captains style, high-back, leather-like, gray vinyl seat with flip-up armrests and a headrest, the backrest folds down for convenience. The seat also swivels 360 degrees and slides forward and back 6” to accommodate all size riders. Automatic safety steering automatically engages a half-speed control sensor to slow vehicle when turning. A hand-brake lever engages a durable drum brake for additional safety. There is an easy to clean floor pan with removable carpet, removable basket with handle, a full lighting package including headlight, taillights, flashers and turn signals.
Color is:  Candy Apple Red

Overall Length            54”
Overal Width              27”
Turning Radius          62” 
Maximum Speed         8 mph
Weight Capacity        550 lbs
Maximum Range*      Up to 25 Miles
Seat Height                 22”
Ground Clearance      4”
Charger                        Off-board 6 Amp
Total Weight              266 lbs

*Range is calculated under test conditions. Weight, terrain and weather conditions can affect range of travel.

1-Year Limited Drivetrain Warranty
1-Year Limited Parts Warranty

Now the Rascal 710 powerchair:

This heavy-duty powerchair model is sturdy and powerful enough to accommodate up to 550 lbs, and specifically designed for bariatric applications.  It has a flip-up footplate of course, and a programmable, swing-away joystick. The swingaway feature is standard with Rascal, not optional as with other manufacturers, and is handy when you need to get right up to your desk or dining table. It has airline-approved batteries, meaning you can take it right on the plane with you when traveling, just let the airline know ahead of time.   It has a very heavy duty four-point seat mount, that while the seat is fixed in place and doesn't turn, prevents broken seat posts.
Options include:  Elevating leg rests and height adjustable armrests, oxygen holder and cane holder, positioning belt


3-Year Limited Frame Warranty
1-Year Limited Parts Warranty

1 Vehicle range capabilities depend upon battery type, terrain,
temperature, and total payload.
2 All pneumatic tires receivepuncture-resistant treatment.
3 Seat height is measured from floor less 3” of cushioning.

Overall Length                          43.5”
Overal Width                            27”
Turning Radius (wheelbase)  31.5”
Maximum Speed                       5 mph
Weight Capacity                      550 lbs
Maximum Range1                     Up to 25 Miles
Heaviest Component               136 lbs
Tire Type (front)                       9” Foam
Tire Type (rear)2                       12” Air Filled
Seat Height (range)3                21.25”- 22.25”

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