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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rascal Scooter Still for Sale - For Sure

I posted awhile back that I was thinking of selling the new demo scooter that I bought after Rascal went out of business last year. Well I've decided that I need the cash more than the scooter. All I'm using it for is to drive my laundry 100 ft or so down the long hallway to the laundry room and having a great seat to sit in and read while the washer and dryer work. But, there are people out there that really need it more and need a good deal too. Money's getting tight, and I need the cash, as much as one of you needs a good scooter at a good price. It's an effectively new scooter just used for one demo.  If you need a Rascal and  you can have it shipped to you or have someone you know pick it up as soon as your payment clears  that's ok, but truthfully I still prefer to sell it to someone local in Southern Calif., who can come check it out for themselves, ride it, and I can make sure it fits and they know how to do everything. List price was 3900. but I got a deal which I'm passing on. I have it on Craigs list @ 1800. or best offer, used, no warranty. If that's too much for you,  and you desperately need a scooter, or you know someone who does, come take a look if you can and make me an offer. A reasonable offer. I'll work with you as much as I can.  Contact me at the email address

Lee Murray

New Owner of Rascal Scooters????

Just read on-line in a forum that an owner looking for service was told to call the new owner of Rascal for service. The post was dated 12/12.  I'll post more information as I get it. I googled but found no information yet.

Lee Murray