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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sold My Rascal Scooter

The Rascal I sold.
I was contacted by a lady here in Fullerton, who'd see my ad on Craigslist and the one I'd just put on EBay. She sent her husband and her daughter, who said she did the maintenance for her mother. They looked it over and the daughter sat in it and drove it, before the lady's husband made me an offer. We dickered a bit before reaching a sum that satisfied us both. He came by a couple days later and paid me before hopping on the Rascal and driving it about a mile and a half home. I knew if I waited long enough someone who really needed it would buy it, and while I sold it for less than I hoped, I'd started at 1800.00, which was roughly half retail, I had dropped to 1200.00 in the last ads and sold it to them for less, but they paid what they could afford and a person who needs it got a great scooter that hopefully will last her a long time. So I'm happy. 

Lee Murray