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Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Demo Scooter Still For Sale - 2 1/2 Years Down The Road

Apparently no one wants a deal on a to all intents and purposes new Rascal 306. I bought it as a new demo when rascal folded in 2011, it had been used as a demo once, a guy I met on 1st moving to Calif. actually the owner of the rental agency where rented a car, was thinking about starting to rent scooters. He's located across Harbor Blvd from Disneyland, and he kept seeing tourists who'd rented Pride scooters from another business tip over in the middle of Harbor. At least that's what he told me.
I explained to him that the Rascal 600B 3 wheel was almost incapable of tipping over because of the way it's designed. Rascal moved the tip wheels forward to where they're next to the front wheel and made them bigger. When it turns too fast or is on an uneven surface the tip wheel on that side touches down and it becomes a 4 wheeler. Now, I told him, it's not impossible to tip, but in a year and a half or so selling them to the VA I never saw one tip over, and in the beginning when demoing to the VA I offered 20.00 to anyone who could tip it and some really tried, but no one got 20.00. Unfortunately he turned out to be a flake, lots of talk no action, and Rascal went toes up a couple weeks after the demo.
Unfortunately as you can tell from the title, I still have it. The good news is I don't have to carry my laundry to the washing machines and I have a comfortable seat while I read and wait.
I have had at least a couple dozen, mostly from craigslist, offer lowballs of 3-400. thinking I'm going to give it away, not even one came to check it out and see if it fits.
I'm asking less than the retail (3900) a lot less, but I'm not giving it away. Right now it's sitting in my studio apt, in the way, the handlebar is a great place to hang a jacket, but there it'll stay until I get the reasonable price, or I need it for myself, which isn't impossible either, but not yet. I'll only sell at any price, to someone that comes here to Fullerton, and tries it out to make sure it works for them.
If someone reading this could use it, comment or email an inquiry.
FYI my job has kept me from posting on either blog as much as I'd like, so I want to thank those who keep coming back, I really appreciate it.