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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Continuation of Hitting the Deer

As it turned out after I hit the deer back in March that the insurance company totalled the van, because of the high milage v the damage mostly.  After thinking it over I took their offer and bought it back, it was cheaper than just taking the money and getting a different one. Mine had new tires, the brakes had just been done, etc. and while I hate it I also know it. Plus pretty much everything I looked at that I could afford was 10 or more years old and not cheap.  So now it's in the body shop at McCready's Chevrolet in Sherburne. I was there today and the fender was off along with the grill and lights. All I can say is WOW. You'd never even know it had been hit. The body man is doing beautiful work. It's amazing the damage a deer can do. He showed me a Toyota they have in there that the whole front was smashed, 5-6,000 dollars in damage. Made me feel better. Anyway should have back probably early next week.

Lee Murray

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