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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Equalizer & Tailgater Lifts

First a Tailgater lift is an Equalizer. The difference is that the Tailgater is designed to be used in a pickup with a dual offeset upright and comes with a weather  package.  Othwise it's pretty much the same as an Equalizer  3.
There are three Equalizers, 1, 2 and 3...duh. The Equalizer 1 is the basic unit, it lifts the scooter or powerchair but requires you to rotate it into the vehicle, making it essentially a larger thrunk lift. It comes with a weight capacity of either 250 or 400 lbs. Which are the same as the trunklift. So if you're buying for yourself, and can handle the manual rotation into the vehicle you'll pay less for a trunklift and get essentially the same thing. But, the Equalizer 1 is the foundation of a modular system that can grow with you as your needs change.

The strap saver feature and patented gimbal roller eliminate most handling issues associated to trunk lifts, preventing  folds or twists.
The Equalizer 2 is the same as the Equalizer 1, but adds power rotation, which makes it better than the trunklift for those who don't have the strength to manually rotate, or push and twist the scooter or powerchair into the vehicle. There is a hand control that's designed to be comfortable to use, making it easier to control the lift. Two wireless remote control key fobs are included at no extra charge.
The Equalizer 3 is the same as an Equalizer 2 with power lift and rotation, but adds a powered boom that moves 12" allowing it to clear the rear bumper of larger vehicles, or pickup from the curb, as well as place the powerchair or scooter exactly where you want in the vehicle. Like the Equalizer 2, the Equalizer 3 offers an ergonomic hand control and two wireless key fobs at no additional charge.

The Equalizer 3 is an ideal lift for use in pickup trucks when the chair or scooter is handled from the curb. Please specify the weather package, (which makes it a Tailgater), when installing the Equalizer 3 in pickup truck's without tonneaus or caps.
You'll also want a Seat On Lift Hook with your Equalizer or Tailgater to make removing the seat unnecessary.  There is a False Bottom Kit which makes it possible to install the Equalizer in those vans that have seats that recess into the floor.

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