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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Demo Scooter for Sale...Maybe???

When Rascal closed their doors, I'd just gotten my demos. I only used one, the 3 wheel model 306B, (new name for 600B),  to do the demo for the lead I'd gotten in January the second day I was here. I asked if I could buy this demo, thinking at one point I'd need it myself. I've been keeping it in my apt which is small, and I'm feeling better, so now I'm thinking it might be better to give someone who really needs it a good deal. I will be selling it as used, with no warranty. It's also important for the buyer to know that Rascal is out of business, so they will be responsible for repairs, but it's only been used for one demo, and I drive my laundry down the hallway to the other end of the building rather than carry it. Why carry if you can ride, right? Plus it's a comfortable seat.
For info, check my posts, leave a comment or email me, the address is in the heading of this blog. The color by the way is blue, not the more common red, it's a prettier color, I think.  I will not ship it, it must be picked up here, by the person needing it, so I can make sure it fits and train the person needing it in the correct use, maint., charging, etc., just as I did for almost 14 years with veterans getting one from the VA.

Lee Murray

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