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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More On Batteries

Just wanted to add a note. If you ride your scooter, or power chair every day, plug it in to charge when you're done, every time. This extends the life of the batteries. These are sealed lead acid batteries and unlike many things you can't shorten their life by charging. If you aren't using it, as I used to tell Veterans when delivering, plug it in once a week overnight, this will keep it charged and protect the batteries.
Once I had a scooter on loan at the Bath, NY VA and they didn't charge it for more than a year. When I picked it up, after pushing it a 1/4 mile back to my van and getting it home, I charged the batteries over a week and they wouldn't charge, just swelled up and got fat. The moral is if you want to protect the batteries and you're using your scooter or powerchair infrequently or not at all plug it in and charge it at leeast once a week, if using it every day charge it overnight every time.

Lee Murray

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