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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Newest Update on Mini-Stroke??? Ear Infection??? Latest info again...again

Well so far still no definative explaination, or diagnosis. The best answer so far is not a brain tumor, we'd have seen that. Not MS, we don't even consider that in your age group. Not a stroke, probably two TIA's ie mini strokes. But why are some of the symptoms still here almost a year later? Well, we don't know...
Most recentl had a cerebral Angiogram, everything good but for 50-70% blockage in the left rear artery to the brain. Yes, I'm told that MIGHT cause the numbness on the right side of my face and other symptoms. I'm also told that either the blood pressure or colesterol meds don't remember which, can cause the balance issues as a side effect. Then had a CT Perfusion scan, apparently even with the blockage blood flow to the brain is normal I'm told. Going to see the Neurosurgeon Dr. Deshaies again in Dec, to discuss options, I figure he'll recommend a stent, but at this point, the numbness receding, I'm inclined to let my body heal itself.  Had a colonoscopy and no problems, got yelled at by the Drs for never having had one, with a family history. Seeing another Dr. in a couple days, to see about repairing the hernia, it's like an old friend, been with me since around 72 or 73 and still reduceable.

Still diabetic I guess, that apparently never goes away. I am surprised by how it seems to have grown in this country compared to 50 years ago or so. My blood sugar is down in the low to mid 100's now and the 3 month blood test was under 7 (6.5-7 is right per the Dr.) both times. Blood pressure has corrected itself and colesterol was good, except good colesterol was low, need to get that up some. Saw Dr. Young in Hamilton, no news is good news. Saw the new Cardiologist in Hamiliton, Dr Carlson, he said the hole in my heart may not be a hole but a flap that didn't close completely, apparently as babies we all have the wall between the two chambers as two flaps that allow the mothers blood to circulate, after we're born the flap grows closed, except in possibly as many as 30% of adults the flaps never closed completely. Dr Carlson said he's not convinced this is my problem, that he feels that I should hold off dealing with it unless I have another "episode"...
So at this point I still don't know for sure what caused the mini strokes, if that's what they were, and may never know. But I am much more aware of what's going on in my body, I keep an eye on blood pressure and blood sugar, I'll continue taking the aspirin and my herbs. I have to say I hadn't seen a Dr in nearly 30 yrs until this happened and should have, if I'd known before what I know now, who knows it may never have happened. I've always maintained my cars taking them in at the slightest problem, now I know to do that for this vehicle too, my body that is. The other benefit is that it's made it easier to relate to the veterans I see, and deliver their scooters to.

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