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Friday, February 12, 2010

Do you need a scooter, or powerchair, or know someone who does?

I've received several questions as to if this is my personal blog. Yes it is. I do sell Rascals, and the blog is here to talk scooters, selling scooters, owners of scooters, and anything else I want to talk about.  Even more important to introduce myself and give you the opportunity to contact me IF YOU NEED, OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO NEEDS a scooter, powerchair, lift, or anything else that Rascal and I can sell you. I've, for some unknown reason, been tiptoeing around the fact that I'm a salesman, and sell for a living. So, now it's out of the bag let me put it plainly, if you need a scooter, powerchair, or anything else, email me at

Lee Murray

PS if you're curious about what else other than Rascals I'm interested in, check out my other blog at:

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