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Monday, January 11, 2010

Rascal Convertible Scooters

Rascal convertible scooters are unique from every other scooter on the market in that because of the patented feature of convertible front sections it can easily be changed from a three wheel scooter to a four wheel scooter and/or back. Most scooters on the market can be broken down to some degree for transport, but in addition to that due to the patented feature, the Rascal can be changed from three to four wheels and is the only one that can be. This link shows the

Currently there are just two front sections. Originally there were three different front sections: the three wheel, the four wheel and the convertible section. The convertible was a powerchair front that put the front wheels behind your feet, turning your scooter into a powerchair. Primarily for use in the house and limited use outside. As I said it was discontinued, and a new chair the WE-GO which I'll talk about soon has just been brought out, to replace it. Also, the 600T three wheel front shown above has been replaced by the 600B/700B three wheel fronts, which I'll also talk about soon.

Lee Murray

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