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Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Veterans Alone

I just wanted to say that if you happen to be a veteran of any of the Armed Services, whether or not you use the VA hospitals for your medical care, and let me say right here if you aren't you should, (at least up here in upstate NY where I've seen what they do), they're great, as good or better than private hospitals. Anyway, if you're a veteran, and need a scooter, or powerchair, or anything like a lift for your vehicle, a ramp for your house, or pretty much any other mobility item, before you even consider buying yourself, go to the VA. They will determine your needs and from what I've seen take care of them. Best case the VA gets it for you, worst case they say no for some reason and you get it for yourself. Isn't it worth the trip?

Lee Murray

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