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Sunday, January 17, 2010

You'll see ads for Dish Network

If you're a TV addict like I am, I highly recommend Dish Network. I came to them from Direct TV, because when we were redoing the porch two years ago, the dishes needed to be moved. Direct TV who I was using then, and had been since 1998 or 99, told me it would be two to three weeks for them to do it, even though I'd see one of their trucks on our road two or three times a day, and it would only take 30 or 45 minutes. They just didn't care if we went without TV or not, and I was expected to pay anyway. So I got mad and told them what they could do with their service in words I can't repeat here.
Dish Network is much better, if I need something they're here within a day or so, not two or three weeks. Prices are similar, but more HD channels. Even if Dish was more expensive, after the way Direct treated me so arrogantly, a loyal customer, I'd never go back with them. If you're looking for good product, decent prices, and great service, check out Dish Network.

Lee Murray


  1. Hi Lee,
    You submitted this comment to a blog post that I wrote about an incident in a grocery store involving a woman driving a Rascal who knocked over an entire display of kidney beans:

    I sell Rascals and this was funny, but try doing it every day. You lose your sense of humor pretty quickly. I wish they weren't but they are very necessary for many people who can't get around at all or in a very limited way without their Rascal, or Pride, or Golden, or ... Thank God you don't need one and hopefully never will, so you can continue finding people that need them hilarious.
    Lee Murray Rascal Rep #508 VA Div

    My response: I find it offensive that you would assume I was laughing at a woman because she was using a Rascal. My brother-in-law uses his Rascal every day.

    It is surprising that as a Rascal salesperson you would troll the Internet looking for the keyword "Rascal," stumble on my blog post, assume that was the tenor in which the post was written, and then scold me passive aggressively.

    Frankly, you don't sound very confident in your product.

  2. Hi, Christa, Sorry you found it offensive, but that wasn't directed at you, it apparently appeared that way, I was "scolding" everybody else that seemed to be laughing at disabled people and their need for scooters. Troll? My scolding was hardly passive... I've been with Rascal going on 12 years, and have a great deal of confidence in the product, but whether you're talking Pride, Golden, Amigo, Permobile, Jazzy, etc., or Rascal, I found some of the comments offensive, although a Rascal driving school might be a good idea.
    I hope your brother-in-law enjoys and gets a lot of use from his scooter.
    Lee Murray